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Successful and sensitive use of natural resources is important to us, for reasons related to protection of our environment as well as from the economic perspective. Since the company‘s foundation, our work has been environmentally conscious, which is why we now focus equally on in-house environmental protection: We reduce operating costs, saving resources at the same time, operate sustainably and protect the climate and the environment.

DAHLEM has been a participant in the project ÖKOPROFIT® Essen-Ruhrgebiet (Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology) since 2018. Under the guiding theme "Environmental and Climate Protection with Profit", we have step-by-step implemented internal company measures that lead to the reduction of operating costs while saving resources, such as the reduction of electricity and water consumption, the introduction of e-mobility with cars and bicycles and much more.

ÖKOPROFIT was launched in 2002 by the City of Essen and is a joint effort of the municipality, the local economy and other local and regional partners, helping businesses and institutions establish a feasible environmental management system. The project is supported by the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection NRW (MUNLV).

Our ÖKOPROFIT-Team, from left to right.: Dr.-Ing. Jan-Gregor Dahlem, Sarah Lukai, M.Sc., and Dipl.-Ing. Markus Küppers.

ÖKOPROFIT® – Company 2021

In January 2021, DAHLEM received the ÖKOPROFIT® Company 2021 award, which we received again as an ÖKOPROFIT® Company 2023. The implemented environmental measures achieved a track record recognized through an environmental certificate. For the certification, a specially compiled catalogue of criteria was developed in compliance with environmental regulations, which stands for a high-quality standard. This success means motivation and a benchmark for us to strive for forward-looking and sustainable corporate management.

When asked what ÖKOPROFIT means for DAHLEM, Markus Küppers, who is jointly responsible for the implementation of internal company measures, answers: "The success means motivation and a benchmark for us to strive for forward-looking and sustainable corporate management. It is good to realize that you can implement many measures for the environment with little effort and at the same time increase the acceptance of environmental protection."


Civil engineer Heinz-Jörg Militz likes to cycle to the client on his e-bike.

Annual savings according to environmental program

Operational costs:5.590 €                                                                                                       
Climate protection, CO2:12,4 t
Power:43,9 kWh
Waste:1,4 t
Water:67 m³

The vast majority of the measures implemented relate to the Power and Mobility fields of action. In 2021, a photovoltaic system will be installed with an expected electricity saving of 21.6 kWh and 8.6 t CO2

From lawn to flowering meadow: Step by step, our lawn transformed itself into a beautiful flowering meadow adapted to the seasons.

Essen Environmental Award 2020

DAHLEM has won the 2nd prize in the Essen Environmental Award 2020 "Essen - hums and buzzes, Essen - is insect-friendly" with the transformation of a 200 m² lawn into a flowering meadow, which was created in a joint effort by employees and their relatives. The City of Essen awarded the prize for the 13th time. The award is given for sustainable projects that contribute to the topics of insect-friendliness, species and habitat protection, improvement of the living environment and environmental protection.