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In cooperation of all disciplines

Today we live in an increasingly complex world with far-reaching demands. Important issues affecting the future are determined by how we deal with space and natural resources. Exceptional solutions can only arise in the interconnection of sensitive technology and sustainable use.

Our long-term experience in a wide range of fields and the integrated know-how qualify us for a variety of tasks. We are committed to small-scale as well as large-scale projects: whether it is the renaturation of an entire river run, the wastewater technology infrastructure for a city of more than a million inhabitants or the wastewater treatment plant for 1.000 population equivalents, we take into account the overall context of the project and implement the measures in all service phases.


In all our projects, we provide our clients with the complete range of engineering services:


Studies/Expert opinions

Requirements planning

Master planning

Construction management

Project management

Operational support

They form the basis of our designs in the technical disciplines:

Flood protection / Climate protection

Water Supply

Energy Analyses

Energy Concepts

Control Concepts

Site Development

Plant Engineering EI&C Technology

Long-distance Pipelines


Wastewater Treatment

Sewage Disposal
Sludge Treatment

Pumping Stations

Stormwater Treatment

Plant Design / Mechanical Engineering

Road Construction

Energy from Wastewater / Waste

Water / Dikes

In the light of climate protection and energy recovery, the prevention of CO₂ emissions has also become the focus of the municipal sector. How can the energy efficiency of technical wastewater systems be increased? What contribution can renewable energies make? Great energy potential is provided by sewage sludge, sewage gas, hydropower and sewage heat. Here the question arises again and again whether these potentials are used adequately and efficiently? At the same time, plant technology must be independently scrutinized with respect to its efficiency.

For us, it is a task of the future to make use of the advantages of the existing infrastructure on your plant – regardless of whether it is a large or a small wastewater system. The long-term goal is to operate the waste water treatment energy in a self-sufficient manner. Proactive planning as well as the interconnection of classical construction technology with new machine, electrical and process technology for energy optimization already provide excellent results on the plants designed by DAHLEM. Wastewater heat can also be used in sewage disposal in special cases.

How the life cycle of technical wastewater systems develops is also very much dependent on the structural design. For this reason, it is important for us to define constructions and building materials at an early stage in the planning process. This is carried out in close cooperation with our engineers and architects. In this way, you are always guided by the objective of realizing the project in a cost-efficient manner and ensuring a long service life.

Due to the number of different technical disciplines in the company, it is possible for us to manage projects largely alone. Depending on the requirements, we cooperate with many other specialists, e.g. from the fields of landscape planning, geology, geodesy and biology.