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Reference Projects EI&C Technology

Wastewater Treatment Plant Aachen-Soers, Construction of New Screen Building, Reconstruction of Grit Chamber

  • Eifel-Rur Water Association
  • Dismantling of the old screen facility/grit chamber and electrical re-equipment
  • PLC systems
  • Decentralized peripheral equipment
  • Wi-Fi connection of the scrapers
  • Connection of the process control system
  • BUS system

Pumping Station Oberhausen

  • Emscher genossenschaft (Emscher River Management Association)
  • Total consumption 18.5 MW
  • Medium-voltage switchgear, 38 control panels
  • Transformer station with 18 transformers
  • Water-cooled frequency converters, each 1.15 MW / 690V
  • Low-voltage switchgear
  • PLC (hardware and software)
  • Process control
  • Measurement technology
  • Electrical installation/building technology

Wastewater Treatment Plant Frankfurt-Sindlingen; Renewal of the Switchgears of the Raw Water Pumps

  • Water Supply Company Frankfurt am Main
  • 3 raw water pumps as screw pumps, 5kV nominal voltage
  • 2 raw water pumps as screw pumps, 660V rated voltage via frequency converter, speed controlled
  • 2 transformers, 20kV / 400V each, 800kVA
  • Low-voltage switchgear 12-field
  • Replacement of PLC system

Wastewater Treatment Plant Schwelm

  • Wupperverband (Wupper River Management Association)
  • Replacement of the low-voltage switchgear
  • Replacement of PLC systems
  • Replacement of the shunting and overvoltage protection level
  • Modification during operation