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Reference Projects Flood Protection / Climate Protection

Reactivation of areas Mark 51°7 in Bochum (former Opel plant)

  • Bochum perspective 2022 GmbH
  • Close coordination of drainage, road and open space planning
  • Coupled 1D/2D flooding simulation
  • Total development area: 68 ha
  • Hazard and risk mapping
  • Development of measures

Heavy rain risk management Stuttgart

  • City of Stuttgart
  • According to the Guidelines "Municipal Heavy Rain Risk Management in Baden-Württemberg"
  • Catchment area: 92 km²
  • 2D flood simulation
  • Risik analysis with creation of profiles
  • Action plan

Urban flood prevention, property protection of Stuttgart City Hall

  • City of Stuttgart
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Construction and technical object protection concept
  • Multi-barrier Approach

Dealing with hydrological impacts of climate change on Bocholt City Region

  • Climate community Bocholt
  • Catchment area: 115 km²
  • Gis-based load forecasting
  • Flow route analyses
  • Urban hydrological balancing
  • Flood hazard maps
  • Action concept