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Reference Projects Plant Design Mechanical Engineering

Wastewater Treatment Plant Hückeswagen

  • Wupperverband (Wupper River Management Association)
  • 48.000 PE
  • Renovation of the filtration system, including pipe system, electrical drives
  • Switchgear system replacement, including PLC, and connection to the PCS
  • Energy optimization through frequency controlled feeding and flushing water pumps

Wastewater Treatment Plant Frankfurt (sludge aeration)

  • Urban Drainage Utility Frankfurt am Main
  • 350.000 PE
  • Primary settling tank covering, approx. 3.000 m²
  • Exhaust gas collection and treatment with biofilters, approx. 7.500 m³/h
  • Renewal of 3 scraper bridges

Digester Kassel

  • Kassel Water Company
  • 330.000 PE
  • Digester volume 7.500 m³
  • Digested sludge mixer
  • Exchange and construction of new heat exchanger