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Reference Projects Potable Water Supply

Waterworks Mörscher Wald

  • Public Utilities Karlsruhe GmbH
  • Reconstruction of the facility with buildings, outdoor installation and infrastructure
  • Capacity increase from 24.000 m³/d to 60.000 m³/d (3.000 m³/h)
  • Net pumping station with nominal delivery height between 4,2 und 5,9 bar
  • 8 filter chambers as a two-layer pressure filter with 30 m² filter area each
  • 3 sludge settling tanks, each with a usable volume of 450 m³
  • Sludge pumping station, 2 sludge thickeners
  • Construction of stormwater storage as a double stormwater tank with 2 x 3.000 m³ usable volume
  • Demolition old waterworks

Redundant Expansion of the Ried Line South Part

  • Hessenwasser GmbH & Co.KG
  • 17,4 km potable water transport line DN 1.000 made of steel with PE sheathing and ZM lining 
  • Pressure boosting system
  • Redundant connection of serval waterworks
  • Crossing potable water protection area, Natura 2000, bird sanctuary and areas with a high groundwater location
  • Crossing waters, roads and railways

Waterworks Hagen-Hengstey

  • Mark E-Aktiengesellschaft
  • Capacity expansion from 1.170 m³/h to 3.000 m³/h
  • Conversion of a decommissioned infiltration basin
  • Construction of processing hall with technical building
  • 4 water tanks
  • Hydraulic equipment consisting of: autom. backwash filter, ultrafiltration unit, pressure filter vessel with granulated activated carbon, chemical storage tank
  • Electrical installation, measuring technology, control

Potable Water Transport Line from Kettwig Waterworks to the Hetterscheidt Reservoir

  • RWW Rheinisch-Westfälische Wasserwerksgesellschaft mbH
  • 8,35 km steel pipeline DN 500
  • approx. 7,95 km production by a cut-and-cover construction method
  • Production of approx. 400 m by Tunneling
  • Several water crossings, railway crossing of S-Bahn line
  • Crossing of protected areas (LSG, NSG)
  • Approximation to protected areas (FFH, biotopes)

New Construction and Rehabilitation of a Potable Water Pipeline from Hetterscheidt to Wülfrath

  • RWW Rhine-Westphalian Waterworks Company
  • Double pipe system 2 x DN 300, L = 12 km
  • Additional renovation of 1.8 km
  • Site supervision
  • Surveying

Water Supply and Sanitation Pogradec, Albania

  • UK Pogradec
  • Spring capture, booster station (Gurras)
  • 5,8 km water distribution network (Verdove)
  • 6,4 km water distribution network (Remenj)
  • Rehabilitation of Gurras/Remenj reservoir
  • Gurras- Geshtenjas conveying pipeline 5,5 km
  • New spring capture and potable water pump, capacity 120 m3/h

Main Water Pipeline in Essen

  • Stadtwerke Essen AG (Essen Public Utility Company)
  • Steel pipe DN 500, L = 525 m
  • Crossing of the Ruhr with culverts DN 500, L = 110 m
  • Dike crossing in open construction with constantly secured flood protection