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Reference Projects Road Construction

Werner-von Siemens Street, Würzburg

  • City of Würzburg
  • Reconstruction of a traffic junction into a roundabout
  • Extension of Werner-von-Siemens Street, L = 0,6 km
  • Implementation of bike/walking lanes and sidewalks
  • Extension of a road junction with a left turn-off lane
  • Construction of 2 bus stops

Traffic systems and RW Infiltration WWTP Mönchengladbach-Neuwerk

  • Water Management Association Niersverband
  • Driveway/operating path for 4,0 m wide one-way traffic
  • 1,5 m wide walkway along aeration tanks
  • Connected feed aera AE,k = 8.805 m²
  • Through infiltration for traffic and roof aeras

Central Bus Station Kupferdreh, Construction of new public transport bus bays, bus route and P + R facilities, construction of a new connecting road and sewerage (road drainage), Essen

  • City of Essen
  • New construction of the Central Bus Station as a connection point with the S-Bahn
  • Central Bus Station with 5 bus bays and a bus stop
  • Bus route, B = 3.50 m
  • P + R system, approx. 200 parking spaces in an inclined position, including tram lanes
  • Connecting road, B = 4.50 m; L approx. 300 m
  • Access road Central Bus Station, B = 4,50 m
  • Departure Central Bus Station, B = 6.50 m

B460, Cross-town link Heppenheim

  • Office for road and traffic Bensheim
  • Bundesstraße 460, cross-town link Heppenheim
  • DTV approx. 14,840 cars/24h
  • Planned road width, B = 8.00 m
  • Both protective strips for cyclists
  • approx. 100 longitudinal places