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The News chronologically lists the current events as short news.

Project news

Many municipalities have experienced how massive the damage caused by heavy rain can be in recent years. Targeted flood prevention against are heavy rainfall and flash floods is becoming increasingly important in this context. It represents a major challenge for the municipalities and is closely linked to the municipal adaptation to climate change. The establishment and implementation of coordinated rain risk management is on the one hand a new task. On the other hand, a flood preparedness system coordinated by the various specialist departments increases the complexity of planning and administrative processes and raises questions that are still unanswered. The project "Municipal Flood Prevention - Planners in Dialogue" of the German Institute for Urbanism (DIfU) in cooperation with DAHLEM and numerous experts from the various administrative departments of 15 German cities examined how flood prevention can be achieved within a network of municipalities. The project was funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) in the course of two years. The special feature of the project lies in the fact that the municipalities were represented in each case by the affected department (urban planning, environment, landscaping, roads, municipal water supply and sewerage, disaster control). In eight daily workshops, case studies were developed, where typical obstacles and problems but also possible solutions and success factors lie. Based on the practical experience of the municipalities, recommendations and solutions for administrative work within a municipality were summarized in a brochure. It serves as an aid to municipalities that want to get more involved in heavy rain protection and answers questions (FAQ) on the topics of organization, law, financing, planning/implementation and operation maintenance.

Download the brochure:
Municipal flood prevention - planners in dialogue (4,5 MB)

The Video of the Emschergenossenschaft shows the construction progress of the sewer

It is the last section of the approximately 51-kilometer-long gigantic sewer from Dortmund to the wastewater treatment plant at the Emscher estuary in Dinslaken. The section of the sewer is adjacent to the landscaping of the new Emscher dike in Holtener Bruch in Oberhausen. After almost nine years, the sewer is almost completed. It lacks then only the last three kilometres from the sewer to the last wastewater treatment plant before the Rhine. The serwer is designed as a double frame profile using the cut-and-cover construction method and partially laid to form an arch. The Emscher sewer is completed in the Essen area. In September 2018 it was completely flooded up to Bottrop. A full commissioning is planned for 2020. All services related to the object and specialist planning have been provided for the project. The video of the Emscher Water Management Association shows the construction process of the serwer.

The Video of the Stadtwerke Karlsruhe shows the future project of the watersupply treatment plant Mörscher Wald

In November 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new Mörscher Wald Waterworks took place. The currently existing waterworks dates back to the 1930s. The facilities are technically outdated and essential parts of the system must be renewed. The new construction will ensure the future vital potable water supply of the city of Karlsruhe and the neighbouring communities. The determination of the potable water requirements by 2040 revealed that in the future, due to climate change and projected population growth, a capacity of 60.000 m³/d, respectively 3000 m³/h, would have to be maintained as maximum output for raw water pumping and treatment. After commissioning of the new plant, the existing one will be completely dismantled. The architectural design of the building provides for a harmonious integration into the forested environment. As a joint venture partner, DAHLEM is entrusted with the building, interior and landscape planning. For the purpose of the construction planning, a BIM-oriented 3D model was set up.


It is firmly established nationally and internationally: the ESSENER TAGUNG (Essen Conference on Water and Waste Management), which will take place on schedule in the Eurogress Aachen on 20th to 22th March 2019 under the motto "Water and Health". The Essen Conference has been one of the most important events in the field in the field of water management in Germany for many years. 21st March is "Career day" for graduates who are about to complete their studies. DAHLEM employee Michael Theuring will give a lecture at the lecture forum on the topic:"Career paths at the engineering office". Parallel to the conference, we are represented with an information stand. University graduates and visitors to the conference are welcome to find out more about our engineering service there. 

Company News

Seit einiger Zeit radeln die Mitarbeiter von DAHLEM zum Auftraggeber. Bauingenieur Heinz-Jörg Militz schätzt das Radeln mit dem E-Bike sehr: „Mit dem Fahrrad geht es zügig durch den dichten Essener Stadtverkehr und zum Abstellen des Rades findet sich immer ein freier Platz. Ich nutze das E-Bike so oft es mir möglich ist – auch als sportliche und gesundheitliche Variante zum Auto.“

DAHLEM established a new branch office in Berlin in June 2018. Thus DAHLEM is also present in the German capital Berlin, in addition to the other German locations Darmstadt, Würzburg and Stuttgart. Dipl.-Ing. Robert Lohrsträter (right) leads the branch office. He is supported by two other employees - Sandra Weidlich, M.Sc. Water Management (right), and Susanne Busche, M.Sc., Technical Environmental Protection (left), in addition to the company owner Dr.-Ing. Jan-Gregor Dahlem (left). Both employees made Berlin their adopted hometown many years ago.

 It is meanwhile the 8th Essen company run that the DAHLEM running community can record. And again it was called: Together - for each other. A highly motivated Dahlem team went back to the start. The Hawaii Marathon participant and employee of DAHLEM in Essen, Birgit Querdel, was there. Even though a day-long Hawaii marathon has other dimensions, the corporate run, with its 6 kilometers, is also always fun for her. "Being here and arriving is our motto, and sharing it with the colleagues, it's twice as much fun." At 7:00 pm the starting line filled up with the runners at the Huyssenallee. It was not the competition between the companies that took place there; everyone came together to celebrate the sporting event with great fun and dedication. The popularity of the corporate run remains intact  - around 8,000 athletes came to the finish line.