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The News chronologically lists the current events as short news.

Project news

After 26 years of operation, one of the two parallel-fed disc dryers of the sludge drying plant was replaced by a new one at Waste Water Treatment Plant Düsseldorf-Süd. In order to ensure a constant operation of the facilities, the exchange of the other rotor took place already in 2005. Before the replacement of the second rotor, a study showed that the drying of sludge by means of a new disc dryer represented the most favorable solution in terms of operating costs. With a pipe length of 8.6 metres and a heating surface of 400 m², the new disc dryer 2, partly made of stainless steel, provides a throughput of 5.2 tonnes per hour. As the previous plant part was no longer economically viable, the rotor replacement took place in March 2019. For the replacement of the disc dryer, DAHLEM provides the technical equipment planning, from establishing the basis of the project to the award, including construction supervision.

Many municipalities have experienced how massive the damage caused by heavy rain can be in recent years. Targeted flood prevention against are heavy rainfall and flash floods is becoming increasingly important in this context. It represents a major challenge for the municipalities and is closely linked to the municipal adaptation to climate change. The establishment and implementation of coordinated rain risk management is on the one hand a new task. On the other hand, a flood preparedness system coordinated by the various specialist departments increases the complexity of planning and administrative processes and raises questions that are still unanswered. The project "Municipal Flood Prevention - Planners in Dialogue" of the German Institute for Urbanism (DIfU) in cooperation with DAHLEM and numerous experts from the various administrative departments of 15 German cities examined how flood prevention can be achieved within a network of municipalities. The project was funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) in the course of two years. The special feature of the project lies in the fact that the municipalities were represented in each case by the affected department (urban planning, environment, landscaping, roads, municipal water supply and sewerage, disaster control). In eight daily workshops, case studies were developed, where typical obstacles and problems but also possible solutions and success factors lie. Based on the practical experience of the municipalities, recommendations and solutions for administrative work within a municipality were summarized in a brochure. It serves as an aid to municipalities that want to get more involved in heavy rain protection and answers questions (FAQ) on the topics of organization, law, financing, planning/implementation and operation maintenance.

Download the brochure:
Municipal flood prevention - planners in dialogue (4,5 MB)

The Video of the Emschergenossenschaft shows the construction progress of the sewer

It is the last section of the approximately 51-kilometer-long gigantic sewer from Dortmund to the wastewater treatment plant at the Emscher estuary in Dinslaken. The section of the sewer is adjacent to the landscaping of the new Emscher dike in Holtener Bruch in Oberhausen. After almost nine years, the sewer is almost completed. It lacks then only the last three kilometres from the sewer to the last wastewater treatment plant before the Rhine. The serwer is designed as a double frame profile using the cut-and-cover construction method and partially laid to form an arch. The Emscher sewer is completed in the Essen area. In September 2018 it was completely flooded up to Bottrop. A full commissioning is planned for 2020. All services related to the object and specialist planning have been provided for the project. The video of the Emscher Water Management Association shows the construction process of the serwer.


It is firmly established nationally and internationally: the ESSENER TAGUNG (Essen Conference on Water and Waste Management), which will take place on schedule in the Eurogress Aachen on 20th to 22th March 2019 under the motto "Water and Health". The Essen Conference has been one of the most important events in the field in the field of water management in Germany for many years. 21st March is "Career day" for graduates who are about to complete their studies. DAHLEM employee Michael Theuring will give a lecture at the lecture forum on the topic:"Career paths at the engineering office". Parallel to the conference, we are represented with an information stand. University graduates and visitors to the conference are welcome to find out more about our engineering service there. 

Company News

"We have already drawn similar projects, it was good to see them in real life this time. The dimensions are quite different", said Tatyana Ozeran, a construction draftswoman trainee in her second year of vocational training. Site managers Hassan Cakmak and Marc Weber, planner and site manager at DAHLEM, accompanied the three trainees on various construction sites. DAHLEM is a training organisation approved by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Essen, Mülheim and Oberhausen and has regularly been training young people in the field of technical drawing for more than 50 years. Our trainees are accompanied by qualified employees who can rely on many years of training experience and fulfil all prerequisites for training. Check our career page for information about training opportunities.



Construction Assessor Dr.-Ing. Hans-W. Dahlem is celebrating his 80th birthday in March 2019. He looks with pride on his life's work at the engineering company DAHLEM. Hans-W. Dahlem studied civil engineering at TH Karlsruhe. A subsequent internship as a Construction Assessor in the Water Management Department of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia followed his doctorate at the TU Darmstadt in 1977. In 1978, Hans-W. Dahlem joined the engineering office of his father Hans Dahlem, the company founder. Under his leadership, the company expanded with further offices - also abroad. The number of employees is growing and the areas of activity are constantly expanding. Already his father made his first contacts abroad early on, which he continued to expand. He has extensive international experience, especially in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The life's work of Dr. Hans-W. Dahlem can also be expressed in figures: During his management, the company grew from 25 employees at a regional engineering office to an international company. Currently, more than 125 people work for DAHLEM worldwide, 80 of them at the headquarters in Essen. During his long tenure as a Managing Partner, Dr. Hans-W. Dahlem has been a member of various chambers and associations, including a board member at the Institute for Water Supply, Wastewater Disposal and Spatial Planning WAR of TU Darmstadt. In 2012, Hans-W. Dahlem gradually withdrew from business and more and more placed the company’s management in the hands of his son, Dr.-Ing. Jan-Gregor Dahlem.

For some time, DAHLEM employees have been riding bicycles when going to do the client. Civil engineer Heinz-Jörg Militz very much appreciates riding an e-bike:"The bike helps me go quickly through the heavy Essen city traffic and for bike parking one can always find a free space. I use the e-bike as often as I can - also as a sporty and healthy alternative to the car."