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The News chronologically lists the current events as short news.

DAHLEM established a new branch office in Berlin in June 2018. Thus DAHLEM is also present in the German capital Berlin, in addition to the other German locations Darmstadt, Würzburg and Stuttgart. Dipl.-Ing. Robert Lohrsträter (right) leads the branch office. He is supported by two other employees - Sandra Weidlich, M.Sc. Water Management (right), and Susanne Busche, M.Sc., Technical Environmental Protection (left), in addition to the company owner Dr.-Ing. Jan-Gregor Dahlem (left). Both employees made Berlin their adopted hometown many years ago.

Construction Assessor Dr.-Ing. Hans-W. Dahlem is celebrating his 80th birthday in March 2019. He looks with pride on his life's work at the engineering company DAHLEM. Hans-W. Dahlem studied civil engineering at TH Karlsruhe. A subsequent internship as a Construction Assessor in the Water Management Department of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia followed his doctorate at the TU Darmstadt in 1977. In 1978, Hans-W. Dahlem joined the engineering office of his father Hans Dahlem, the company founder. Under his leadership, the company expanded with further offices - also abroad. The number of employees is growing and the areas of activity are constantly expanding. Already his father made his first contacts abroad early on, which he continued to expand. He has extensive international experience, especially in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The life's work of Dr. Hans-W. Dahlem can also be expressed in figures: During his management, the company grew from 25 employees at a regional engineering office to an international company. Currently, more than 125 people work for DAHLEM worldwide, 80 of them at the headquarters in Essen. During his long tenure as a Managing Partner, Dr. Hans-W. Dahlem has been a member of various chambers and associations, including a board member at the Institute for Water Supply, Wastewater Disposal and Spatial Planning WAR of TU Darmstadt. In 2012, Hans-W. Dahlem gradually withdrew from business and more and more placed the company’s management in the hands of his son, Dr.-Ing. Jan-Gregor Dahlem.

For some time, DAHLEM employees have been riding bicycles when going to do the client. Civil engineer Heinz-Jörg Militz very much appreciates riding an e-bike:"The bike helps me go quickly through the heavy Essen city traffic and for bike parking one can always find a free space. I use the e-bike as often as I can - also as a sporty and healthy alternative to the car."

"We have already designed similar projects, but it was good to watch this time in real. The dimensions are quite different”, said Monika Onskulyte, a third-year trainee. Construction site inspections belong to the trainee programme. They had been viewing a 3D model of the grit chamber of Wastewater Treatment Plant Düsseldorf-Süd and were impressed by the realistic image. DAHLEM is a training company approved by the Chamber of Commerce for Essen, Mülheim and Oberhausen. We have been training young people in the professional draftsman programme for more than 50 years. In the bookkeeping department, we have been offering a an office communication clerk training for five years now, and our four trainees are guided by qualified employees who can draw on many years of training experience and fulfill all training requirements. Find out more on our careers page about training possibilities.

 It is meanwhile the 8th Essen company run that the DAHLEM running community can record. And again it was called: Together - for each other. A highly motivated Dahlem team went back to the start. The Hawaii Marathon participant and employee of DAHLEM in Essen, Birgit Querdel, was there. Even though a day-long Hawaii marathon has other dimensions, the corporate run, with its 6 kilometers, is also always fun for her. "Being here and arriving is our motto, and sharing it with the colleagues, it's twice as much fun." At 7:00 pm the starting line filled up with the runners at the Huyssenallee. It was not the competition between the companies that took place there; everyone came together to celebrate the sporting event with great fun and dedication. The popularity of the corporate run remains intact  - around 8,000 athletes came to the finish line.

DAHLEM celebrated the company's 80th anniversary - how could it be otherwise if not by the water, right across the street? It was a rainy day, but that did not stop the DAHLEM team from going to the raft race on the Ruhr. The day started with a good breakfast. Energized, we went outside to build the rafts. Southwester hats and rubber boots were announced but nevertheless, defying the weather, it was OK also barefoot. The teams’ creativity in the construction was enormous, the raft had to endure and prove itself when crossing the Ruhr. The day ended slowly, with a closing dinner buffet, and the best rafts were rewarded with a prize.